*blush* Feb. 13 - 6:00pm show

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hi there! 

I'm doing this because i think you deserve a night off from your normal routine... a form of self care if you will :) 

oh, and it's GIRLS ONLY, sorry boys! 

let's get in touch with that "butterflies in your stomach" feeling. 

see... Valentines Day isn't just for the couples out there, it's also for looking inward at how much you've grown over the past year. it's for celebrating the friends you have around you. it's about hoping for the future and all the possibilities it will bring! 

so bring your girls, your favorite outfit (the cozier the better), or make this a date night with yourself... bc you're worth it!

get ready for a special night designed with you in mind & guaranteed to make you blush

all my love, 

hollyn xo 


  • intimate concert experience w/ Hollyn
  • GIRLS ONLY - sorry boys! 
  • doors open 15 min before show (this event is approx. 2 hrs long)
  • 30 tickets available per show! hurry, these will go quick!
  • tickets will not be sold at the door - ONLINE ONLY! 
  • please bring a screenshot of your ticket receipt for entry 
  • mask required
  • location: 123 E 4th St. Suite 300 Tulsa, OK 74105 (next door to Triangle Coffee)
  • bring thrifted t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies (cotton items only) because we will be offering exclusive "blush" prints on your favorite items ($10 per print - you can bring as many items as you want!!!!)